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Regular weed seeds are a great way of harvesting quality buds proven by ages of cannabis cultivation! Search this collection of regular marijuana seeds for hundreds of options from top breeders only. And yes, we ship worldwide! Regular cannabis seeds are those as nature intended. Buy regular cannabis seeds online from anywhere in the world here. Regular seeds are preferred by some growers. They grow into a mix of female and male plants. Buy the best regular cannabis seeds online from Dutch Passion.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are the staple of marijuana growing. This seed type has been used for cannabis cultivation and breeding for centuries, and is still going strong today! Regular weed seeds have the ability to grow into both male and female cannabis plants, and hence are highly sought-after by cannabis breeders. Think of any strain you’ve tried before – that strain originated as a result of crossing different male and female plants born from regular marijuana seeds. Nowadays, growers buy regular cannabis seeds for their competitive price and a wide range of available genetics.

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What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

The main difference between regular cannabis seeds and feminized ones is that the latter are modified to grow into female plants in 99% of cases. In contrast, when growing regular cannabis seeds, this is purely up to luck. Usually, the ratio of female plants to male ones grown from regular seeds is 50/50. However, this ratio can fluctuate, and sometimes you’ll get more female plants, whose buds you can smoke, while other times, more seeds will turn out to be male plants, which can only be used for breeding.

How To Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing, there’s not that much different about regular cannabis seeds. They go through all the same phases, including germination, vegetation, flowering, and harvest. The most important thing you need to keep in mind here is that plants grown from regular marijuana seeds require sexing after they pass the vegetative stage. This means you have to inspect your plants almost daily for signs of male or female reproductive organs. When you see male pollen sacs starting to appear, you need to discard the plant before it can pollinate the female cultivars, unless of course your goal is to produce cannabis seeds rather than smokable buds.

Regular CBD Seeds

Mirroring the rest of the seed market, the majority of regular cannabis seeds for sale are THC-heavy. However, the options for regular CBD seeds are growing. Who are these seeds produced for? Mainly, they are designed for patients who are licensed to grow their own medical marijuana but don’t want to spend a fortune on cannabis seeds. Due to their easier production, reg seeds, including the CBD ones, cost only a fraction of the price of feminized seeds.

Nevertheless, plants grown from regular CBD seeds have the same high cannabinoid levels and healing effects. There’s growing evidence that CBD helps treat a wide variety of ailments and symptoms, including migraines, nausea, glaucoma, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. If you’re looking for natural relief from these conditions, you can buy CBD seeds and start producing your own medicine.

Regular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Even some of the more experienced growers aren’t aware of the fact that regular autoflowering cannabis seeds exist. While it’s true that most autoflowering seeds come already feminized, you can definitely buy regular autoflower seeds as well. If you’re looking for a cheaper variant of your favorite strain, or if you’d like to breed some strains together and create an autoflowering variety of your own, this group of non-feminized seeds is for you. Growing them is as easy as with other autos. However, you’ll need to take an extra step and sex your plants. Your further actions will depend on your goals, but you’ll likely need to separate males from females anyway to control the pollination process better or avoid it completely.

Best Regular Seeds

Only at Herbies are there hundreds of regular cannabis seeds, and we can vouch for all of them, as our seeds come from reputable seedbanks from all over the globe. So if you’re looking to buy the best regular cannabis seeds out there, you’ve got plenty of options. Here are just some examples:

  • Satori Regular by Mandala Seeds. This honey-sweet hybrid produces up to 28% THC for an effect that has earned Satori a cult following. This regular strain is incredibly introspective, inspirational, and euphoric like no other.
  • Caramelo Regular by Delicious Seeds. This Sativa-leaning strain produces over 24% THC and a floral, lavender-like aroma. Its blissful and relaxing effect is great for recreational use, but Caramelo is also used medicinally to treat anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions.
  • Critical Kush Regular by Barney’s Farm. This pure Indica is derived from a famous lineage and produces insane amounts of 22% THC bud. It’s also super easy to grow! At the end, you’ll enjoy top-quality bud that can easily knock you out.

Don’t stop here, however – there are hundreds of regular strains to explore at Herbies. Whether you’re looking for high-yielding, extra-potent, or cheap regular cannabis seeds, we’ve got you covered.

Male Marijuana Seeds

If you’re looking to get only male marijuana seeds – for example, for breeding purposes – the news isn’t that good. Despite all the advances in genetic engineering, products such as male cannabis seeds aren’t available for purchase. However, while sexing seeds themselves is impossible, we know one thing for sure: male weed seeds make up around 50% of all regular seeds.

If you want to buy male cannabis seeds, you need to pick one of the regular strains and get yourself a pack of seeds. Luckily, these are relatively inexpensive, so you can get a bigger pack – hopefully, there will be enough male or female seeds there for you, whatever you’re looking for. So, while there’s no section at Herbies dedicated specifically to providing male cannabis seeds for sale, you will always have some in any pack of regular seeds.

Regular Feminized Seeds

Hopefully, you understand by now that “regular feminized seeds” is a self-contradictory expression. Regular feminized seeds don’t exist – you either get feminized seeds, which turn into female plants with smokable buds, or regular seeds, which turn into either male or female plants. For better or worse, there’s no in-between.

Regular Marijuana Seeds For Sale

A great advantage of regular cannabis seeds is that they come at a lower price while presenting all of the necessary features for good growth, such as high potency, rich terpene profiles, and great yields. If you’re looking to buy some regular weed seeds, you’re already in the best place you could be. Herbies offers cheap prices on regular cannabis seeds along with top germination rates guaranteed by the breeders, plus great bonuses such as free seeds added to every order and useful branded gifts!

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How long do regular cannabis seeds take to harvest?

It all depends on the genetics you choose and how you grow, so the period from seed to harvest can last anywhere from around 9 weeks to 7+ months! Every strain at Herbies comes with the flowering time specified in its characteristics – select one and learn about the approximate seed to harvest time.

Are feminized cannabis seeds as good as regular seeds?

Yes, the only difference is that feminized seeds don’t require sexing. All other features depend on genetics.

Is cannabis from regular seeds stronger than feminized seeds?

No. If you browse our catalog, you’ll see that feminized and regular seeds can be equally potent in both THC and CBD.

Do regular cannabis seeds produce higher yields than feminized seeds?

No, a female plant from a regular cannabis seed will produce more or less the same yields as a plant from a feminized seed. However, you need to remember that with regular seeds, you won’t be able to harvest buds from every seed you germinate, as at least some of them will likely turn out to be male.

Can regular cannabis seeds be female?

Of course! Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants.

What percentage of regular cannabis seeds turn male?

Normally, there’s a 50/50 chance of getting female plants from regular seeds. However, there can be fluctuations, so you won’t know for sure until each plant shows its sex.

Do autoflowering cannabis seeds germinate faster than regular seeds?

No, germinating regular cannabis seeds doesn’t differ from germinating other types. The germination rate and speed depend on the environment and the freshness and quality of the seed, not on whether it’s regular, photoperiod, feminized, or autoflowering.

When should I choose regular, feminized, or autoflowering seeds?

To put it simply, choose regular marijuana seeds if you’re looking for a cheaper price and don’t mind discarding the male plants. Regular seeds are also your only choice if you want to breed your own strains. Choose feminized seeds instead if you want to use your growing space as efficiently as possible and don’t want to deal with sexing. Finally, choose autoflowers if you prioritize low-maintenance grows and want to grow a smaller and quicker-flowering plant.

How much do regular weed seeds cost?

The price of regular weed seeds varies depending on the genetics, but it’s definitely one of the most affordable categories. You can use our sorting tool to quickly see the cheapest and most expensive regular cannabis seeds from this collection.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Despite genetic breakthroughs like feminised and autoflowering seeds, sometimes, you just can’t beat the original.

Regular cannabis seeds are totally natural, without any chemical or genetic modification. They’re pure seeds bred from male and female plants, producing 50/50 male and female seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are often cheaper than feminised ones and usually do a better job retaining each parent plant’s THC and CBD profiles.

You can collect the best regular cannabis seeds in the world directly from Seedsman, with discreet international postage and multiple payment opt ions .

Browse Seedsman’s collection of regular seeds below, using the filter to pick the perfect strain for your collection.

Why Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis breeders need regular cannabis seeds too, well, breed. Unlike feminised seeds, which produce exclusively female plants, regular cannabis seeds have a 50/50% chance of being either. Sometimes, however, they can also be intersex or hermaphrodite.

Crossing different cultivars has been taking place since the cultivation of all plants began, Sometimes because you want a better yield, a higher profile of a specific cannabinoid, a particular colour or smell, perhaps. If you’re going to breed, you need a male. Offspring doesn’t happen without a male and a female.

Secondly, for cloning. Producing the same cannabis plant across a crop.

If you’re a hobby grower, you may be better off sourcing a feminised seed or an autoflower. But suppose you want the best in unfiltered cannabis genetics. In that case, regular cannabis seeds are not genetically modified and ensure that a particular variety is as close to its roots as possible.

How to Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds

Growing regular cannabis seeds is just like growing feminised seeds, really. Other than needing to watch out for a male. That being said, you need to consider a few things.

Your seeds need to be transplanted, meaning, to avoid them getting root bound, they should be repotted at least twice in their cycle. This is for the best results in terms of yield. Regular cannabis seeds can grow rigorously!

Male plants have to be removed unless you’re running a breeding program! Leaving a male in a crop of females means you’ll breed more plants but won’t be able to cultivate them for the buds. Don’t throw males out though, you can use the leaves.

Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds Basics: What Your Plant Needs

Once your seeds have arrived you can begin planting practically straight away. When you’re growing marijuana indoors, the space you choose will be really important. Many cannabis plants grow fast and they can get tall and unruly if you don’t look after them properly.

Here are the other main factors that you need to consider:

  • Light: Most people know that cannabis plants need a good deal of light. Indoors you will be providing a minimum of 12 hours a day to keep your plant healthy. In the initial, vegetative stage your plants will require 18 or 20 hours a day with just a few hours in darkness.
  • Ventilation: It’s one area that newbies growing marijuana for the first time tend to not think about. Make sure that your plants are well aerated as this will stop them getting damaged by mold and ensure they stay healthy and strong.
  • Soil/Growing Medium: The soil you put your plants in is important and can vary slightly from strain to strain.
  • Watering: It’s easy to overwater plants and once that happens it often leads to root rot. One bit growing tip is to make sure that you have great drainage for the soil. This should help avoid your planters from getting waterlogged.
  • Temperature and Humidity: The other big factors are temperature and humidity. This needs to be fairly constant – not too hot nor too cold – if you want to a good yield.

Light and Growing Cannabis

Setting up your light system takes some thought. This isn’t just about a few lamps here and there. You can buy specially made grow cupboards which are really good if you are stuck for space or want to keep your plants limited to one area. Lights can be standard CFL or the new LEDs. You could go for a traditional high power sodium or metal halide lamps as well.

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One thing you need to consider is the heat that these lights create. Place them too close your growing marijuana plant and you will burn the leaves and damage it. The other factor is whether you put your lights on a timer or not. This can save you forgetting to switch on or off on time – don’t forget the hours of light you expose your plant to are going to be critical.

Germinating The Seeds

There are plenty of different ways to germinate seeds and it’s not that difficult. This is where you get the seed to spring into life and form a small shoot ready for planting.

You can place seeds directly into your main pot if you don’t want the hassle of transferring later. Some people prefer to put their seeds on dampened paper towel and then transfer once they germinate just to make sure everything’s working properly. You can also buy specially made germinating stations.

Much will depend on your personal preference but what you generally need are three key ingredients: Water, a stable, warmish temperature and the right location.

The Lifecycle of Your Plant

There are two stages to the development of a cannabis plant. These are the vegetative phase where the stems and leaves grow and the flowering phase where your buds begin to develop.

The vegetative stage when growing marijuana requires lots of light. You will need your indoor bulbs trained on the plant for around 18 hours a day to keep it in this stage and this will last indefinitely if you maintain the same light levels.

The average time for the vegetative stage can be anything from 2 to 8 weeks. The longer you leave it, the more your plant will grow.

During this time you may want to prune your plant, make sure it is watered regularly and use feeding solutions to keep the nutrient levels up. The amount of work you need to do will depend on the strain you choose but the general rule of thumb is not to overdo the feeding and to allow it grow as naturally as possible.

The flowering stage takes between 6 and 12 weeks. Outdoors this will happen naturally with the daylight changing as the season moves on. Indoors you need to give it a little nudge by reducing the amount of light you provide. This means changing to a 12 hour light/dark cycle.

This all applies to photoperiod strains which tend to make up most of the products on the market. If you’ve bought autoflowering seeds, however, they will go into the flowering stage without you changing the light levels.

Harvesting The Crop

The next big decision you will need to make is when to harvest your growing marijuana crop. Most strains come with instructions from the breeder which include how long you should keep in the vegetative state and how long you should flower for.

If you want to be more accurate you need to look at the stigma of your flowering plant. This is the central stalk inside the flower and when it is ready to harvest this changes from white to orange. The other, more popular method, is to keep an eye on the many trichomes that cover the surface of the flower bud as these change from white to amber as the plant matures.

Harvesting is the fun part of growing marijuana and there are different ways to do it. The aim is to make sure you disturb the buds with their amber trichomes as little as possible. Some people focus in on these and cut round them, others take whole branches that they hang up to dry.

Drying and Curing

Even though you have harvested your crop, you aren’t quite finished with growing marijuana. The final stage is to dry and then cure your plant. First check all the buds to make sure there are no problems such as mold.

Drying requires you to have good ventilation around the cannabis and a temperature of about 21°C with low humidity. Chose a safe place to do this as it’s going to take as much as a couple of weeks. You’ll know it is finished when the stems snap rather than bend or dried petals flake off. Your buds should feel a little waxy and that’s because of the resin they contain so don’t worry about this.

Curing is about adding flavor to your cannabis and is a vital part of the process. For this you need dark and an airtight jar. Put you buds in the jar, screw the top on and put somewhere like a cupboard. For the first few days you should open the jar to let out the old air and some new in, a process that is sometimes called ‘burping’.

Curing can take quite a few weeks but the longer you leave your cannabis buds, the better it will taste. Most experts suggest anything between 4 and 8 weeks.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce roughly equal numbers of male and female offspring. Regular seeds are sometimes preferred by old school growers seeking to grow both male and female plants, perhaps for their own breeding experiments. Pick from our selectively bred regular cannabis seeds including some of our best selling varieties.

Active filters

Orange Bud®

Original Orange Bud


1970’s Original Blueberry

Orange Hill Special®

Orange Bud X Californian Orange

Passion #1®

Californian Indica

Durban Poison®

Durban X Unknown Indica

Power Plant®

Original South African Power Plant


Skunk#1 X Afghani

White Widow

Classic F1 White Widow

Euforia ®

Euforia Skunk

Skunk #1®

Afghani X Mexican Acapulco Gold X Colombian Gold

Hollands Hope®

Original Hollands Hope

Purple #1®

Purple Afghani


Purple#1 X Skunk

White Widow X The Ultimate®

White Widow X The Ultimate

Karel’s Haze

Old School Haze x Chem Dog OG Fire

Creamy Kees

Karel’s Haze x Cookies & Cream

Karel’s Dank

Karel’s Haze x Dank Tree

Prima Holandica

Prima Holandica x Oldschool Haze

Preserving The Best Of Old-School Cannabis Genetics

Regular seeds give rise to roughly 50% male and 50% female cannabis plants. The female plants produce buds, the male cannabis plants produce pollen. Those that prefer to grow from regular seeds tend to be old school growers as well as those that want to produce their own crosses and hybrids.

Dutch Passion maintain a large collection of regular seeds to help preserve the best of the original genetic lines. Many smaller seed companies and private breeders have used Dutch Passion’s regular seeds as the basis for their own breeding projects.

Regular cannabis seeds are completely natural marijuana seeds and that is part of their appeal. They are not altered or changed in any way to favour the production of female plants.

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Desfran, our prize winning Sativa showing both a female and male cannabis flower.

What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds and Why Choose Them?

Regular cannabis seeds are produced when pollen from a male cannabis plant fertilises a mature female plant. The joining of male and female genetics allows the process of seed production to begin. The resulting seeds will be regular cannabis seeds, unless the grower is confident enough to tackle the sophisticated work required to produce either feminized seeds or autoflower seeds.

Unlike feminised cannabis seeds, regular seeds will produce around 50% male and 50% female plants. Male plants can be discarded or the pollen from them can be used or collected/frozen for later use.

Regular Seeds Are Bred From Stable Male and Female Plants

Regular cannabis seeds are the most natural form of cannabis seeds. Dutch Passion regular seeds are pure genetics, bred from stable male and female parents. Regular seeds deliver genetics the way nature intended, producing healthy crops of both male and female plants.

Regular Seeds Can Be Used To Make Your Own Hybrids/Crosses

Most cannabis growers cultivate cannabis plants simply for consumption and enjoyment. But when some cannabis growers find an exceptional cannabis plant they keep it and use it as the basis for their own future hybrids. All they need is some male pollen to dust over the female buds and (regular) seeds will be formed. The Dutch Passion regular seed collection allows you to grow male plants from all of our legendary classic varieties and produce your own seeds.

Regular Seeds Allow You To See Both Sexes of The Cannabis Plant

Many growers have never seen a mature male cannabis plant in real life. Thanks to feminised seeds it’s possible to grow cannabis without the hassle of male plants. But for those cannabis connoisseurs who find all aspects of cannabis cultivation a great pleasure, growing regular seeds is the most enjoyable way to grow.

Shaman, grown outdoors from regular seeds showing off some beautiful purple colored buds.

Buy Regular Seeds From The UK and Worldwide

Not all growers like to use regular seeds. Typically regular seeds account for just 2-3% of seed sales, but it is often the most serious and professional of growers that tend to buy and use regular seeds. Dutch Passion’s collection of regular seeds dates back to the 1980’s and earlier. If you are looking for authentic, original cannabis genetics from back in the day then you won’t find a better collection of regular seeds.

Legendary classics such as White Widow, Orange Bud, Blueberry, Mazar, Power Plant, Skunk #1, Durban Poison, Euforia and many others are available in Dutch Passion regular seeds. These represent some of the finest old school genetics with deeply enjoyable effects.

If you want to buy the finest regular seeds then buy from Dutch Passion. With over 30 years of breeding experience, these seeds offer the regular seed grower the chance to grow some of the original and best cannabis genetics. Dutch Passion regular seeds are shipped discretely with 24-hour shipping to the UK, EU and elsewhere.

Top 5 Regular Cannabis Seeds

The Dutch Passion regular seed collection is the results of many decades of professional breeding using the best parent genetics. It is rare to find seed banks with over 30 years of experience offering regular seeds using the very finest cannabis genetics from the 80’s and before. That’s what makes Dutch Passion regular seeds the best in the business.

Yield THC Family
Blueberry® XL ○○○○○
Orange Bud® XXL ○○○○○
Mazar® XL ○○○○○
Power Plant® XL ○○○○○
Durban Poison® XL ○○○○○
THC: ■ Low ■ Medium ■ High ■ Very High ■ Extremely High

Top 5 Tips For Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds grow in the same way as photoperiod feminised seeds. The only real difference is that you can expect around half your seeds to turn into male cannabis plants. Often regular seed growers are experienced growers who are exploring breeding possibilities and may be interested in producing their own regular seeds by pollinating a female plant.

1. Using separate grow areas

Those that grow regular seeds will often have separate grow areas for male and female plants. Male plants are usually separated to prevent any accidental/unintended pollen release in the female plant area.

2. Using fresh pollen or storing it

If breeding, decide whether you are using fresh pollen or cold-store it for later use. Some breeders will place a male plant in a grow room surrounded by several female plants to receive the fresh pollen. As the male pollen is released it is spread around the grow room by fans. Other breeders prefer to collect male pollen and cool store it in jars, they apply it to female plants with a small paint brush when convenient. Pollen can be bought online, but serious regular seed growers strongly prefer to buy their own seeds so they can be sure of the genetics.

3. Making your own seeds

By brushing pollen from a male plant against a female plant fertilisation is achieved and seeds will start to form. The resulting seeds are regular, they will give rise to a mix of male and female offspring. If you want to make feminised seeds, or autoflower seeds it starts to get much more complicated!

4. Same grow techniques as fem seeds

Use the same nutrients and approach to growing as you would normally do for feminised seeds. But note that male plants may mature slightly earlier than the females and be a little taller. The extra height of the male plants makes it easier for the pollen to fall down on the slightly shorter female plants.

Power Plant grown from seed to harvest under 12/12 lighting for high quality results and cost savings.

5. Pollen can be frozen and stored

Pollen can be collected by gently shaking the male pollen sacs over a small container. It is vital to ensure the container is dry, moisture will damage the pollen. Once in a dry container, the pollen can be frozen where it will remain viable for several years. As previously mentioned, cannabis pollen can be bought on the internet but it is always a gamble buying a critical material which you can make yourself easily and cheaply. Most people apply pollen with a small paint brush. If you have a couple of different types of pollen you can apply them carefully to different branches of the female plant. The seeds formed on the different branches will have different male genetics. It’s an easy way to get a couple of slightly different seed varieties from the same female.

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