rae bae seeds

All About Rae Bae Weed Strain

Rae Bae is a classic Indica strain that is, actually, a cross of Double OG and Sour Diesel strain. The volumes of THC aren’t high – only 15-16%. The same works for CBD compounds – their amount rarely reaches 0.73%. The terpenes content is quite diversified. With the humulene dominating the content, it also contains:

  • Myrcene
  • Bisabolol
  • Linalool
  • Limonene
  • Pulegone
  • Phellandrene
  • Valencene
  • Caryophyllene

Smell, Taste, and Aroma

Aromas and flavors are determined by the combinations of bisabolol, humulene, and myrcene terpenes. Bisabolol usually provides minty and cheese tastes, but combined with humulene it can evolve the apricot smell. Users often report they feel tobacco when smoking the Rae Bae strain. We consider this is the result of the high content of bisabolol and myrcene terpenes.

Strain Common Usage

Rae Bae is rather a calming weed that also makes its user more focused and creative. The best time to consume it is when you are in calm conditions and need to focus on something. This can make film watching, for instance, much more interesting for you.

Rae Bae has some distinct features from medical and scientific points of view as well. It was discovered that this marijuana helps to cope with pains related to such diseases as migraines, muscular dystrophy, PMS, and hypertension.

Make sure you take the right dose of the strain and in proper settings because no one is protected from experiencing its major side effects:

4.6% terps on the Rae bae?

“Don’t let the mellow smell fool you” uhhhh, it better not smell mellow at 4.6% terpenes. I want the smell to knock me out.

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Whatttttt I just noticed that too! They know dam well at 36%/4% terps that people are expecting a mini funk bomb to escape when cracking the lid open.

It's pretty interesting, that reminds me exactly of the shipwreck mini's that came out a few weeks ago, it had almost 33% thc and 4.2% terpenes and was a big deal when it dropped. One thing several people noted in their review (me as well) was them expecting a pungent smell to escape but it was reallllly mild, it does have that classic "dank" smell when you grind a nug up though and the high slaps as well.

There must be a reason for this right? Two batches with exceptionally high lab results and both (I'm assuming this rae bae does too since it's literally in the description lol) have a mild smell which is exactly opposite of what you'd expect.

4.6% terps is exciting. Price not so much but I’m chasing terps. Especially since one plant has lost the contact information for their terps lately.

Agree with WanderWut. This is supposed to be so special. I mean it’s the elite of the elite supposedly. If you don’t smell funk then what’s so special. Don’t believe the reports. It’s a piece of paper for the public. Those 3rd parties testing this shit don’t want to lose any of the dispensaries. Don’t think because it’s so strictly regulated which we all know or at least should know it’s all big Corp doing whatever they want. So u don’t think dispensaries look at these posts to see what the people are saying. They are giving u what u want on paper however that doesn’t mean they can’t work those numbers to look nice. How can u say with that high profile, if accurate, will smell mild. WTF is that. That’s special. Special would be knocking u back and bragging to everyone u know. If so special has any won any kind of award. Just marketing. Those 3rd parties are as corrupt as the ones running the show. I love Trulieve so don’t think I am knocking them. I go consistently and almost exclusively to them but if your going to say growers choice or best of the best or whatever bs marketing slogan u have at least make it proper. Greed will make even the smartest people stupid. In all it’s so simple. Make the quality shit u are fully capable and equipped to do. Don’t send out shit that isn’t perfect. Have passion take pride and really care for the cause which let’s not forget is supposed to help give an alternative to taking pharmaceuticals. And do it at a fair price for everyone. If u do that your dispensaries will be packed with good loyal patients. It’s just big Corp doing there thing. Gov don’t really care cause there just sitting back banking. Hopefully it’s at least good and worth it. I think it will be. Looks good sounds good. However the proof is in the product not any piece of paper or marketing plan. I bet if I had a dispensary I could right on a piece of paper in crayon an add for a product, post on here 1 time. And as long as that shit was legit people would buy it and as long as it’s consistent and the same was said about the rest of the products in store I wouldn’t need to waist a penny on any advertising or gimmicks. If the shits legit and at a reasonable price. Shit people will even pay top dollar if it’s consistent . That dispensary would put all others to shame. Will never happen because u would never see big Corp toss a batch because it’s not up to a high standard. Instead they keep it and figure out another way to dump on us. Just paint it real pretty and call it something special. Any way got to stoned and rambled. Sorry guys but I still feel it’s true. I am putting the bong up now. Lol

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